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Astrological Remedies For Educational Problems – Good education has become the necessities just like food, shelter, and clothing. Education not only provides people with a good life but also helps in shaping the mind for a happy life. Getting a good education is not easy for all many people to face educational problems. Are you having issues with your studies? Have you ever thought you are studying so hard and putting your so much time and mind into something still not getting the desired result? Many scenarios show children forgetting what they learned in exam time or having the difficulty in understanding the simple concept. Why did these things happen? It doesn’t need to be always something scientific or the children don’t have a brilliant mind. It can be the reason for some moon and stars of the horoscope in their life that can be solved by astrological remedies for educational problems.

Education is very important in every person’s life as it helps us to gain knowledge which helps us in a better future. It provides us with a better understanding of the world around us and helps us to change us in a better person. But what happens when you are facing continuous issues in your road of gaining knowledge? It causes you to feel less and low from other, it affects your self-confidence. Have you ever thought a brilliant student in studies becomes unworthy out of nowhere? These are the questions that have no answer but are happening and can only be traded by astrology. Here we have some astrological remedies for educational problems for every child.


Astrological Remedies For Educational Problems

Planets which are Responsible for Good Education

Education success can be predicted by the numbers and the analysis of the houses and their lords. The second house is known as the education of a house that plays an important role in a person’s life according to astrologers. It’s not necessary only a second house is fully responsible for education ups and downs in-person life.

The educational achievements cannot be guaranteed if anybody’s horoscope has any of the following patterns.

  • Debility of 2, 4,5th house lords.
  • Placement of 2, 4, 5th houses in between two malefic planets.
  • Placement of 2, 4,5th house lords in between two malefic planets.
  • If the second house is placed with malefic planets like the placement of Saturn or Ragu or both together.
  • If Mercury is placed either in Aries or in Scorpio.
  • If Mercury, Jupiter, or the sun is debilitated.
  • If the first house/ascendant or Rasi (Moon) is not accepted by any planets.

Effective Astrological Remedies For Educational Problems

People think if a child is not scoring it’s because of the lack of concentration or they are unworthy of study. As we have discussed above the planets play a very important role in our educational life so here are some of the remedies you can use and can see the result yourself.

  1. Offer 5 types of different sweets along with two pieces of cardamom (elaichi) to the peepal tree. Do this for three continuous Thursdays.
  2. Wear a small piece of copper in a chain for better concentration and memorization.
  3. Have green color curtains in your room and recite the maa Saraswati beej mantra 21 times every day.
  4. Make a roll of sugar and raised petal in a copper container and offer it to Sun lord make some donation of something red of this very day.
  5. Donate 2 matchboxes and have food without Salt on Sundays.
  6. To have better concentration have one teaspoon of Tulsi juice with honey every morning.
  7. Always have your bed placed in the southwest corner and when you sleep ensure that your head is facing the east or south direction.
  8. Always place your furniture at some distance it helps in free movements of positive energy.
  9. The study table should be placed in such a manner that it faces east north and northeast while studying.
  10. For amazing concentration and memorization try to sit facing towards east and have calm and composed thoughts. Repeat the mantra given by Saloni astrologer 100 times using a Tulsi mala do this practice by given time and day.
  11. Try not to have excessive salt on Sundays. It is a simple astrology remedy for educational success.
  12. Always make sure that your child knows the importance and relevance of the very beneficial Gayatri mantra and ask him/her to recite this powerful mantra 21 times every day.
  13. To increase the memory power of your child must feed milk twice a day
  14. Give your child a mixture of tulsi & honey, and let your child take it every day before having breakfast.
  15. To make sure astrological remedies are effective let your child wear a small square piece of copper in a long chain.

Role of Astrology in Administrative Education of Children

All the planets are associated with different genes of education for example Jupiter is the chief of Vedas, philosophy, and astrology. Mercury is chief of mathematics, finance Management, and medical.  Venus is famous for music and effective interpretation. Mars gives the ability to rule and to fight against injustice which is law education.

  • Scholars

If Jupiter Mercury and Venus are in the ninth house of a person horoscope then the person is a scholar. The intelligence of the person is very sharp when the 5th house is in between benefit planets.

  • Memory

If the lord of the 5th house is a continuously beneficent planet or the fifth house is occupied by a benefit planet or is the lord of the 5th house from Jupiter is in Kendra or Tikona then the person has a very sharp memory.

  • Grammar

If Jupiter and the lord of 2nd house are accepted by the sun and the Venus the person can be strong in grammar.

  • Mathematics

If Mars is in the 2nd house with a benefic planet or expected by Mercury or Mercury is in Kendra then the person became a mathematician.

  • Fluent in speech

If 2nd lord Jupiter occupies 2nd house the person can become a full-time public speaker and express his opinion effectively in his lectures provided is not expected by any malefic planet. If Mercury and Jupiter occupy the third house or are in Kendra then the person has a very sweet voice.

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