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In Hinduism, since ancient times, there is recognition of signs of future events. The medium of these signs is a dream or any special movement of an animal, a bird. There are also some signs that tell us in advance about the benefit of money. But not every person has knowledge about these signs. Today we are telling you about some such signs which have already informed us about the arrival of money:

  • If a person sees in his dream that he is being prosecuted lawfully and he is left innocent in it, then he gets immense wealth.
  • If a person sees pearls, coral, necklace, crown etc. in his dream, Lakshmi resides permanently in his house.
  • If there is a constant itching in the right part of your body or in the right hand, then you should understand that you are going to get money.
  • The person who is seen making a potter’s pot in his dream benefits immense wealth.
  • If money is left out of your hand at the time of transaction, then money is going to benefit
  • If someone comes to ask beggar as soon as he wakes up in the morning, then you should understand that the loan given by you is going to be received soon without asking. Therefore, the beggar should never return empty handed from his door.
  • If a person sees a eunuch dressed up on the day of Diwali, then definitely there is an unprecedented wealth gain.
  • If a person sees himself in a dream wearing a briefs and putting a button on the cloth, then he gets respect along with wealth.
  • If a person gives a check in writing to someone in a dream, he gets an inherited wealth and his business also grows.
  • If a person is wearing clothes to go somewhere for money related work and at the same time, money falls from his pocket, then it is a sign of wealth.
  • If a person burns a match in a dream, he receives money unexpectedly.
  • If a person lends money to someone in a dream, a lot of money is achieved.
  • Cutting the path or sighting of the mongoose is a good sign for wealth gain. If you have risen to sleep and at the same time you see the mongoose, then there is a possibility of getting secret money.
  • If a native sees ripe oranges in his dream, he soon gets immense wealth.
  • Visiting a saffron-coloured Kapila cow on Friday is considered extremely auspicious. If this happens, then you should understand that suddenly there are chances of getting wealth.
  • If a native devours fruits and flowers in his dream, he gains wealth.
  • If a person smokes in a dream, he also gets wealth.
  • If the dog suddenly rubs its head on the earth and does this activity again and again, there is a possibility of money being coined at that place.
  • If a person is seen bringing a dog with bread, puri etc. food items while traveling, then that person gets wealth.
  • If a person consumes urine, semen, milk and vomit in a dream, then it definitely becomes aorta.
  • If a person is going to deposit money in a bank and a cow comes on the way, then all his money related tasks are completed.
  • If a person breaks away from his girlfriend in a dream, then he gets an inherited wealth.
  • If a passenger is returning to the house and the donkey is placed on his left side, then he gains money after a short time.
  • If a person sees a pig on his right while entering a village, town or house, he gets the benefit.
  • If a native sees a camel in his dream, he gains immense wealth.
  • If a person opens his chest in a dream, he gets an inherited property.
  • If a person sees green-flower and pomegranate in his dream, then he gets the wealth of wealth.
  • If a person sees money embedded in his dream, then his wealth increases incomparable.
  • If a person sees a hemp in his dream, he gets incredible wealth.
  • If a person sees wheat cooked in the field in a dream, he soon becomes rich.
  • If a person opens his eyes in a dream, he gains money.
  • If a person bites a white coloured snake in his dream, he gets extra money.

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